[AD] I can’t quite believe how long ago I started a blog and how, if I’m honest I really didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. Blogging seemed quite straight forward, write a few words and add a picture and as they say Bob’s your uncle. But in reality, there is a little more to blogging than that. Yes, those are the basics but what everybody really wants is people to come and take a look and actually read what you have written. That is when I started to do some research into how people could find my… View Post

We are nearly a month into 2019 and here I am just publishing my blog goals for the year. I’ve really haven’t been well the last 6 weeks and I’ve had so many medical appointments it’s been unreal. This is a calm week and I have three! As a result, work has taken a back seat and what I had planned on doing during the first quarter of this year has needed to be rejigged. Some things have been put back a few months and I’m hoping I have managed to get together a workable plan for the next 2… View Post

Like last year I have been very interested to see what blog posts of mineyou have been reading the most.   I am also really happy that 21 of my top 50 posts read in 2018 are afternoon tea posts. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to review more afternoon tea venues this year plus write up some of the afternoon tea venues I’ve visited this year and never found the time to blog about. Shall I aim for 25 of my top 50 blog posts to be afternoon tea related in 2019? In 2018, my top blog posts are: MY… View Post

Because let’s be honest, it is pretty much winter now. Can you believe how few weeks there are left until the New Year?  In some ways this year seems to have flown by but for me it’s also seems to have dragged.  I think the reason it has dragged as the mundane day to day seems to have taken over and I can’t see adventures to look forward to.  My health has taken a dip again and a few plans have needed to be put on hold but I’m optimistic that they will be rescheduled in the near furture.  If… View Post

Autumn!! How did that happen?  It seems just yesterday I was writing a post about blog ideas for July! I think we all have those days where we want to sit at the keyboard and write but have no idea what we actually want to write about. But I’m hoping with the aid of these 47 iseas for autumn posts you will get some inspiration. I already have a few of these earmarked for my different blogs over the coming months.  If you do use any of these ideas be sure to tweet about them and tag me (@buckets_of_tea) so… View Post

I really can’t believe it is the first of July in a few days time.  Half the year has gone in the blink of an eye! Promote your Instagram by sharing your most-liked photos. Do you meal prep? Share your go-to recipes. Review a book on your summer reading list. Compile a list of affordable wedding guest outfits. How do you organize a small space? Write a blog with photos. Document a DIY project wand share a tutorial. Host a guest blogger in your niche. Hold a summer-themed giveaway for your readers! Share 5 summer fashion tips for the office.… View Post

Last year I wrote this post with 25 ideas for blog posts for lifestyle bloggers.  Even now some 15 months on it is still one of my popular blog posts.  I’m always jotting down ideas for blog posts and this list really is endless. Here are a further 25 more blog post ideas I’m hoping will inspire you: Bucket List this Time Next Year  5 Things I’m Looking Forward This Summer Your Favourite Social Media Platform My Blogging Goals How To Stay Motivated Your Favourite Twitter Party 5 Bloggers You Admire Pet Peeves Write A Letter To Your Future Self… View Post

2017 has come to an end and oh was it one hell of a year.  Sadly there were far too many down points but the last week did end on a high with great support and wonderful travels with a special someone.  It was just what was needed and to think now that they had been stood right in front of me all these years picking me up when I fell and cheering me on from the sideline when they knew things weren’t going to work out but not once ever saying I told you so; just supporting me through… View Post