Christmas Past

Back in the days when I had believers Christmas was a magical time. A time to surprise my children with presents they dreamed of. One year they both had new bikes at Christmas.

My children have always had bikes from as soon as they could walk. Starting off with little trikes.

Owning bikes is such a huge part of their lives. It’s also a form of great exercise for them.

We’ve always brought bikes from reputable suppliers like Halfords. Halfords have always been fantastic as they will set up the bikes for you. Something that is valuable for busy parents especially this time of year. A service that I have always found perfect.

My children certainly had bikes that met their needs at certain stages in life. We are now buying adult bikes for my son and Halfords have been so helpful in making our purchase.

These photos were taken in the 2000’s and at this time the popular adult bike was The Fixie bike.

Victoria Pendleton was starting to make a name for herself and after the 2012 London Olympics, Victoria brought her own range of bikes out. My daughter fell in love with the blue spotty bike. That year Santa made a special delivery. Halfords still stock Victoria’s ladies & girls bikes.

Are you a cycling family?  Do you remember back to your childhood and remember the style of cycle everybody wanted?


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