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Like last year I have been very interested to see what blog posts you have been reading the most.  Last year I was very surprised to see my top read post was a make up post about Benefit Brow Shaping Kit.  I’m even more surprised to see that the same post is the 15th most popular post this year.  By no means am I a beauty blogger but this post has gone down so well with you my readers.   It makes me think should I do some more beauty reviews?  I’ve done a couple of fashion posts this year and I loved reviewing the clothes for two very different brands.  I’ve had a few ideas where I could develop my beauty and fashion blog posts and I hope to get some of this plans to fruition during the first quarter of 2018.  In 2017, my top posts are:

25 Things I Learned In Life

This post was written the day after my birthday on the train ride home.  It was a hard post to write and I didn’t post it for a couple of days.  I’d had an upsetting incident happen on my birthday and my then partners response really upset me.  I don’t think he realised that I lay there and cried myself to sleep.  The next day’s events started what was to finish our relationship.  I can never forgive his actions or rather lack of action regarding what was happening and realise now I should have ended things there and then as I received very little support from then on and was pushed out, pushed out as the whole truth was very close to being found out by me.  When it all came out, his lack of action showed that he was nowhere near the man I thought he was, instead, a people pleaser, telling those what he thinks they want to hear.  I have spent far too many years surrounded by people like that.

This year I am going to go back and revisit my life lessons and reintroduce them to my life as this year I fully intend to Embrace my personal happiness.

Afternoon Tea At Chatsworth House

Afternoon Tea is a large part of my life.  I love to drink tea and really do drink it by the bucket load and what better to go with tea than sandwiches, scones and cakes?  Chatsworth House is stunning and one of my favourite Estates that we are lucky to have in the UK.  The tea was delightful.

Cocktail Afternoon Tea At Dunsley Hall, Staffordshire

Dunsley Hall is only a few miles from where I love and is a converted country house.  One of the lovely teas of the year and the cocktails which very refreshing and gave quite a kick!

Afternoon Tea At Castle Hotel, Conwy

I have eaten at this hotel on three occasions now.  Once was a second date back in June 2016 and then again for my Birthday this year: the day things started to go wrong with my ex, all because somebody had seem us on our way and they had taken offence.  By the time we got to Conwy, boy did every one know she was pissed off.  Not sure why as we’d been dating 8 months and she’d split with him two years prior to us dating,  Bunny boiling springs to mind but hey, some people are just weird and can’t let go.  The last time I went was with my Knight in Shining Armour mid November.  We hadn’t stayed in Conwy but over the estuary at the beautiful Quay Hotel And Spa in Deganwy.  I’ve been to Conwy a number of times as a child, a young adult and when my children have been little.  Always love the quaint little streets, the castle, the fresh seafood on the harbour front and the quaint smallest house in Wales.

What Is The Correct Etiquette Between Ex’s When One Finds A New Partner?

A bit of a personal one and about someone that has continued to show lack of etiquette since we’ve split.  For me, if you split and there is no going back, I think I’ve made that totally clear, they stay away.  I’m struggling to understand why after splitting six months he can’t move on and leave me alone.  Google analytics are my friends and I can see a visitor from a little village in Wales coming and seeing what I do way too often for comfort.  Visiting my blog four times in one day gives me the creeps and it’s daily and not subsiding.  But I suppose that’s a story for another blog post but this year there were many views on how you should and shouldn’t react.  It boosted my confidence so much as he had made me feel I was in the wrong with their behaviour and I’m thankful for those who made me see there were things wrong with what was going on.

I’m really happy that 3 of the five posts are afternoon tea as this is really one of my true passions and I so enjoy having days and even weekends away have all types of afternoon teas.  I have a quite a few that I have already eaten late last year and didn’t get round to sharing with you.  I’ve got a Sushi Afternoon Tea in Birmingham, a Royal Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace and a Churchill theme Tea in London to name but a few.  I’m really looking forward to new blogging adventures in 2018 and hoping to stay along the same theme of the top 5 posts for this year and to try to incorporate some foodie travels along the way.  But one thing I am very certain about after being so ill this year that I am going to EMBRACE all the things that come in to my life, be these good things, bad things or just plain ugly things.  One thing this past years has taught me is to look close to those who are in my life, put my happiness first and just go out and enjoy life and live it too its full every second.


  • Jean |

    10th January 2018 at 4:50 AM

    I’m a huge tea fan — both the beverage and the ritual. A friend needed a boost a couple weeks ago and, like me, nothing gives her a lift quite as much as a lovely afternoon tea. So that’s what we did, and we were amazed at how much better we felt afterward. I love reading other people’s afternoon tea experiences, too, so … Keep up the good work!

    1. Candace

      10th January 2018 at 12:41 PM

      You certainly can’t beat afternoon tea for an instant pick me up

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