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Like last year I have been very interested to see what blog posts of mineyou have been reading the most.   I am also really happy that 21 of my top 50 posts read in 2018 are afternoon tea posts. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to review more afternoon tea venues this year plus write up some of the afternoon tea venues I’ve visited this year and never found the time to blog about. Shall I aim for 25 of my top 50 blog posts to be afternoon tea related in 2019?

In 2018, my top blog posts are:


This was a post that was originally posted in the summer of 2017 after my first visit to Scotland. it is a post that has always been very popuklar with North American’s as was in my top 10 posts last year. Visiting Loch Ness was a fun packed and long day that if I am honest I did struggle a little with as I had recently been discharged from hospital a few weeks earlier but it was something that I really needed to do and benfited from both as physically and emotionally as the previous couple of months really had been hell.


Dunsley Hall in South Staffordshire is only 10 minutes away from where I live and it is very close to Birmingham and the West Midlands. It is an independantly owned resturant and hotel and the afternoon tea was devine! I really would like to visit here again this year for afternoon tea as I would class this venue as the best local afternoon tea I’ve tasted. This afternoon tea review was also in my top 5 posts for 2017.


My third top post was my chilli, sweet potato and butternut squash soup recipe, a post that was published in July 2017. Even now I still love this recipe which is also a firm favourite with friends who have tried it. I make it at least twice a month and hopw to be sharing some more soup recipes on my foodie blog this year.

28 Days Of Motivation And Self Love

I have had some great feedback from people who joined my free email course last year. The course is open for anyone to join at any time and New Year seems such a great time when you are looking to take an more active role in your motivation and self care. You can sign up here to recieve daily emails for 28 days to help to simply change habits. Research has shown that if changes to habits are made for 21 days then you are more likely to carry on with these habits and who doesn’t want to feel motivated and show themselves some more self love?

Beef Stroganoff Slow Cooker Style

My slow cooker beef stroganoff recipe is another post that was published in July 2017. The use of slow cookers have been quite popular of late and I have certainly been using my slow cooker much more during 2018 and fully intend touse it much more in 2019.

Now these are my top 5 reviewed posts in 2018 but what I would really like to know is which posts of mine did you enjoy? Do you enjoy the afternoon tea reviews, recipes or resturant and hotel/city reviews? What type of posts would ylou like to see more of in 2019?

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