25 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle  Bloggers

One of my goals this year for my blog is to post more consistently.  In order to do that I need to get myself a little more organised with my posting schedule.  My first step this weekend was to brain storm for some blog post ideas.  I think if I have a list of post ideas to hand it will be much easier to post more frequently.  The key being to plan, plan, plan!

As much as I find some technology useful in life, deep down I’m an old fashioned pen and paper girl and I much prefer to use notebooks and planners.

Blog Post Ideas

My plan for the first quarter of the year is to blog 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday.  At the end of March I will evaluate how I have got on with thi goal and if needed either reduce or increase the number of posts I do each week.

Blog Post Ideas

These are 25 blog post ideas I hope to work on during the next 3 months:

  1. Beauty Product Review
  2. What’s in my make up bag
  3. Beauty hacks
  4. Everyday make up products
  5. Beauty wish list
  6. Clothes wish list
  7. My wardrobe essentials
  8. 10 things I can’t live without
  9. What’s in my handbag
  10. Travel bucket list
  11. Foodie bucket list
  12. Favourite blogging apps
  13. Monthly goals
  14. Getting Organised
  15. How did I come up with my blog name
  16. 50 things by 50 list
  17. 10 things to do when bored
  18. Favourite experience as a blogger
  19. Gratitude list
  20. Favourite cookie recipe
  21. Foodie tutorial
  22. 5 favourite instagram photos
  23. DIY project tutorial
  24. Afternoon Tea reviews
  25. Cath Kidston obsession

I realise that there are just over 8 weeks worth of posts here and there are 10 weeks until the end of March but I’m sure I can fill the extra spaces.  I know I have a couple of reviews coming up and my monthly 5 things I love posts will be continuing.  I’m hoping to do a combined November and December post this week as with Blogmas I never had time to fit November’s post in.

Do you fancy giving some of these posts a try?  Have you got a plan for your blog?


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