2017 Life And Blog Goals: End Of Year Update

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2017 has come to an end and oh was it one hell of a year.  Sadly there were far too many down points but the last week did end on a high with great support and wonderful travels with a special someone.  It was just what was needed and to think now that they had been stood right in front of me all these years picking me up when I fell and cheering me on from the sideline when they knew things weren’t going to work out but not once ever saying I told you so; just supporting me through it all.  At the start of this year I set myself 12 life goals for 2017 and 5 blog goals.  I thought it was about time I reviewed what I had intended to do and see how far I have come along.  I think with all the ups and downs excluding my health there was just too much to do.  Sad;y we can’t plan for every eventuality and we certainly can’t plan for the actions of others.

1  Knit A Pair Of Socks

We’ve got progress!  I may have started one than one pair, but there is progress.  Sadly with having some serious health issues again towards the end of the year I wasn’t really able to knit much the last 3 months and I didn’t manage to complete one sock let alone two.  But I will continue and am determined to knit at least one pair that I have started.

Rewrite Will

Yay!  I did this and am so glad that I have finally got round to doing it.

3  Complete Three Crochet Projects

I have way to many crochet projects and have to start some serious finishing off. There has been progress but sadly due to not being too well the last couple of months I have been unable to finish any crochet projects but I will carry on and hopefully have one at least finished by Easter.

4  Complete The Upstairs Renovations On My House

Again, health has meant that this has needed to take a back seat.  Still have part of a tile to fit in the bathroom and some painted to finish then the carpets can go down.  I also have 2 wardrobes, desk and chair to put together for my room.  I can do them myself it’s just I haven’t got the strength to actually move the pieces on my own.  Looking for a DIY buddy to get this done!

5  Set Up New Business

The website is up and running but due to my health I’ve really not had time to finish the website or promote the business.  Need to finish up loading the stock and then promote, promote, promote!

6 Achieve Goals for Toy Business

At the end of January last year I shut my bricks and motor shop and after I came out of hospital at the end of July I also shut the website down.  I’m just not up to doing this right now.  My health has to come first.  I’ll just walk around all the boxes of stock that seem to be in every room of my house at the moment.

7  Afternoon Tea

Completed!  But did anybody seriously think it would never happen?

8 Make An Item Of Clothing

Nothing happening with this one either.

9  Renovate two items of furniture

Absolutely no progress has been made here.

10  Loose One Stone

Surprisingly I have done this but it’s been down to being ill not actual effort from myself.  Silver linings and all that!

11  Develop Blog

There has been much progress although it may not be obvious. I’ve spent quite sometime coordinating my blog and social media plus designing coordinating pinnable images.  I’ve also narrowed my niche down which I’m quite happy with but like most things there is still plenty of work to be done mostly behind the scenes.  Lacking concentration and feeling dizzy on a daily basis means all of this work happens at a very slow pace.  I’m struggling with this as I’ve never had an issue with concentration or actually getting work done but these past 6 months my life really has been turned upside down.  It’s so hard to explain to others what an effect those 6 weeks in hospital had and I’m still nowhere near recovered, not that I will ever get back to how I was before.

This feeds in to my 5 blog goals:

A  Post More Consistently 

This may not seem much to some of you but to me it is a huge step for me.  I caertainly blogged more consistently but there is certainly more room for improvement.

B  Increase My DA

I’m really happy that I ended the year with the highest DA I have ever had.  Just need to work on keeping it there and increasing DA on my other blogs.

C  Improve My Photography

This was really a big aim for me last year.  After loosing the battery charger for my DSLR when we moved earlier this year I bit the bullet and purchased a new battery charger.  But I keep going back to my iphone.  there is something about the simplicity of just pointing and shooting and not having to download the photos.  Makes me think is it worth even keeping my DSLR?

D  New Laptop

I am a huge fan of apple products.  I would be totally lost without my iphone and it play a huge role in my blogging.  One gadget I would like is an apple laptop of some description.  I either blog on my iphone or my HP desktop which I adore but at times I’d like to pop to a local coffee shop, drink cups of hot chocolate, people watch and work.  I do have a laptop but it is so slow it just frustrates me.  this year I would like to save up my blogging income and invest in a new laptop, one which will meet all my needs.

E  Be The Best I can

I know I am never going to be a ‘big’ blogger.  I’m never going to have posts that go viral with tens of thousands of view.  But what I would like to do is increase my views month on month.  Last year and this year Blogmas was a huge success for me with the number of views I had.  Could it be that I posted more regular and I promoted my posts more? I don’t know why my views increased but what I do know is I would like to keep improving and in order to do this I know I am going to have to settle down and work hard. Yes, life may get in the way at times, having unpredictable chronic illnesses can be a right pain at times.  You plan things then you wake up one morning feeling like death warmed up and you don’t want to play at life.  Things take a back seat and in the past it has been my blogging.  This year I am going to try and get some post written that can be published when I am not feeling too well and will mean that I don’t have huge gaps where I haven’t posted.  This happened way too many times this year.

12  Take A Class

I’d arranged to start a course with the open university last September but I just can’t commit to that at the moment.  There are way too many other things going on in my life.  I’m not able to start this February either.  The plan is to start next September but obviously if things haven’t improved enough I will either have to rethink what I do or defer again.  Course costs are now in the thousands and I’m not in the financial position to spend out that sort of money if I’m not in the correct health to complete the course to the standard I know I am capable of.  I sometimes think it’s surreal that I actually have a Master’s degree considering how ‘flaky’ I am right now due to being in the coma last year.

 How did you get on with your 2017 goals?


  • Jean | DelightfulRepast.com

    25th January 2018 at 10:31 PM

    Candace, your goals sound good. I learned early in life that knitting projects would never be on any of my lists — a neighbor taught me to knit when I was 10 or 11, and I knitted a hairband, a dress for my Barbie doll and one slipper — that’s right, I knitted myself one slipper and swore off knitting before I even started the second! I think consistency is important in blogging, but I knew when I started out 8 years ago that I would never be able to blog more than once a week consistently. So that’s what I do, post every Thursday. Something that has helped me keep that up is to have posts in the queue. That way, if you don’t feel well or something else requires your attention, you have a post all ready to go, on schedule. Wishing you a wonderful 2018!

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