Afternoon Tea Adventures; The Bothy, Perth

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It seems like ages a go that I was last in Scotland in Perth eating this amazing afternoon tea at The Bothy with an old university friend who I used to live with.  Then I look back and realise it was ages ago as it was last September.  Even though part of my brain thinks it was just last week when I remember the reminising we did about our uni days.  It’s always such fun spending time with old friends and having a good old catch up.

We were shown to our table and out tea order was taken.  There was a good range of teas to choose from.  Then our afternoon tea was brought out to use.  There was such a lovely selection of sandwiches.  The bread was amzingly fresh and the fillings were very plentiful.  These certainly weren’t sandwiches that were just filled along the middle, the entire sandwich was very generously filled.  By far the salmon and the brie sandwiches were my favourite.

The Bothy

The scone and sweets course were very filling too.  There wasn’t anything dainty about the cake slices but somehow a daity pettit four wouldn’t have seemed right and large slices of cake, buttery scones and little trifles were just perfect to eat after the sandwiches.

The Bothy

To make a really good afternoon tea you most certainly need the addition of a good cocktail and this cosmopolitan didn’t disappoint.  I’ve always had cosmoplolitans served in a cocktail glass before and they usually come in much smaller servings.  This has to be one of the best cosmopolitns I’ve ever had.

It really was a lovely afternoon tea that we had.  The current price for afternoon tea at The Bothy is £11.95 and was certainly very good value for money.  You can book a table for afternoon tea here.  The Bothy also serve good lunches and evening meals and my friend tells me they are just as good value for money.  Hopefully I’ll get to try these out the next time I visit.


  • Camilla Hawkins

    22nd June 2018 at 11:52 AM

    I’m currently trying to lose weight so just as well those cakes are behind a computer screen, what a lovely spread:-)

  • Sally Whittle

    22nd June 2018 at 12:07 PM

    I should not have read this post while I was waiting for lunch! Am starving now x

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