It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m  looking at a humongous pile of sock yarn and if I’m being honest I’m quite frankly faffing. There are plenty of things I could be doing. I could be catching up on work. Since coming out of hospital I have really been struggling with my energy levels and also my concentration. I’m just so tired. My GP told me that it will take a long time to get back to how I was before I went in to hospital. I didn’t have one thing wrong with me, I had six different and quite serious medical problems… View Post

Having not been too well these past few months I am having to take a back seat in life and learn to say no more than I have done in the past.  I am still struggling with being very fatigued and spending most of the day rather dizzy.  I can tell you this, its not fun.  But I know that I need to take care of myself in order to recuperate and get back to how I was before I was taken ill.  Even thought I have a number of chronic illnesses I don’t like being ill and very rarely… View Post

I often read about increasing household debt (excluding mortgages), and feel grateful to be in a position where we can make ends meet each month, and even save a bit too. There’s no denying that with all the fallout from the Election, Brexit and more, these feel like particularly uncertain times, and it becomes a major challenge to secure the financial future of our families. One thing which appears increasingly elusive in the eyes of Brits is retirement, with recent research showing that 21 per cent of us believe retirement won’t be possible until at least the age of 70… View Post

I have been carrying out renovations on my house the last 12 months and having just come out of hospital after 6 weeks and having come close to my own mortality I am looking for a stress free and uncomlicated life.  I can not believe how this has all mental and physically has affected me and I’m longing for the simple life.  After being so ill, I don’t want to be surrounded by things that take time to keep on top of,  I’m looking for simplicity and feel now is the time to get organised and downsize the household responsibilities.… View Post

Last month I wrote about my monthly goals and also a quick update on how I had got on with them last week. In March I would like to: 1  New Business Continue to work on my new website. 2  Afternoon Tea I have already organised my afternoon tea for March for next week plus I plan on researching some places for April’s afternoon tea. 3  House DIY This links in to my new business above.  I have closed down my toy shop and right now my whole shop is dumped in various rooms in my house.  It is EVERYWHERE!… View Post