Interior design is a fast paced, quick changing industry and it can be hard to keep up and decide on what’s right for you. To keep you on track with this year’s trends, we’ve compiled a list of some timeless favourites that you might want to try yourself. Go bare Unpainted or untreated bare walls are a fast growing trend this year, with exposed brick walls becoming increasingly popular. Exposed beams have always been a great way to bring a rustic and authentic feel, but this year it is going even further, with exposed pipes. These seemingly unfinished areas of… View Post

Modern appliances are complex and contain a number of components that work together. They are prepared in technical facilities and follow guidelines and directions to the letter. Therefore, we find that people often make the wrong choice when they select to fix their broken appliances themselves, without asking for professional help. There are numerous dangers that you involve yourself with when you start doing professional work without qualification and experience to back it up. Below, we share the top four dangers of fixing appliances without professional help, which should keep you away from self-damaging DIY projects at home! 1. Increased… View Post

Over the course of the past few years, hydronic towel warmers have risen so sharply in popularity that they can now be considered an essential bathroom heating solution all across the globe. And it is not difficult to see why they have become so sought after in recent times, given that they provide both an efficient means for heating towels and the bathroom area in general, as well as attractive aesthetics that will enhance the look of the space. Heated towel racks can also offer a sense of luxury designer style that it is difficult for other accessories to project,… View Post

When space is at a premium, a certain level of creativity is required to make any room feel stylish, inviting, and fit for purpose. This is especially true when it comes to a bathroom, where necessary fixtures will take up much of available room. Pebble Grey explain how to make the most of the space in a smaller bathroom. Lighting Say, for example, you only have one ceiling-level light fitting and it doesn’t seem to be doing a good enough job; the light is muted, and it’s casting odd shadows around the room. To solve issues like these, there few… View Post

I’ve spoken about this a few times on the blog but I am currently renovating my home.  When I moved in the style was very 1980’s and like most people we are on a limited budget.  I’m not somebody who does white/cream/beige throughout my house.  I like a little colour and like a statement wall.  As an alternative for wallpaper I have considered wall murals which are relatively inexpensive and can easily be adhered to the wall with little DIY expertise. Wall murals are great for small rooms, as well as larger surfaces and they can dramatically change the design… View Post