As I’m sure regular reader will know by now I love tea. It really is my favourite drink and I just can’t get enough. I have to drink at least 6 mugs a day and by mugs I mean huge Cath Kidston Mugs mugs.  It seems I’m not alone with a love for tea. Emma at Wanderlust And Wet Wipes is also a huge fan.  Here she talks about tea drinking with her Mum: It’s a funny thing about the habits you form with your parents. In my case, drinking tea with my mum started early – mum always drank tea… View Post

I’ve just returned from a lovely last minute trip to Edinburgh. I’ve never been to Scotland before and although I am nowhere near feeling 100% I decided to just grab the bull by the horns as they say and jump right in. I’m in need of catching up on some afternoon teas in order to complete my afternoon tea challenge and decided I’d jump right in to the Edinburgh Afternoon Tea scene and partake in a few cullinery delights that Scotland has to offer. I was lucky enough to have 2 afternoon teas and 2 cream teas. I also sampled… View Post

Claw-foot freestanding baths, pedestal basins and tongue-and-groove are all classic features of a country bathroom, but modern touches can easily bring this look up-to-date. You could even add an industrial take on a country look by making use of natural or raw materials such as bricks, reclaimed wood and concrete. So, if you’d love to create a modern country bathroom, but not sure where to start, these ideas from the Big Bathroom Shop will give you plenty of inspiration. Combine modern and traditional A claw-foot freestanding bath will become the focal point of any country bathroom, but for a more… View Post

Interior design is a fast paced, quick changing industry and it can be hard to keep up and decide on what’s right for you. To keep you on track with this year’s trends, we’ve compiled a list of some timeless favourites that you might want to try yourself. Go bare Unpainted or untreated bare walls are a fast growing trend this year, with exposed brick walls becoming increasingly popular. Exposed beams have always been a great way to bring a rustic and authentic feel, but this year it is going even further, with exposed pipes. These seemingly unfinished areas of… View Post

Modern appliances are complex and contain a number of components that work together. They are prepared in technical facilities and follow guidelines and directions to the letter. Therefore, we find that people often make the wrong choice when they select to fix their broken appliances themselves, without asking for professional help. There are numerous dangers that you involve yourself with when you start doing professional work without qualification and experience to back it up. Below, we share the top four dangers of fixing appliances without professional help, which should keep you away from self-damaging DIY projects at home! 1. Increased… View Post