If you’ve been thinking about refurbishing your kitchen, the chances are that you’ve considered a number of different styles. Modern, minimalist kitchens look sleek and are easy to clean, but they are not very practical if you have a family to feed and wants lots of dedicated space for storage and cooking. Industrial-style kitchens, which were fashionable last season, are better set ups, but they can be a bit oppressive when you want somewhere to hang out and relax. This season, traditional kitchens are coming back. They’re warm, comfortable, inviting spaces that really live up to their reputation as the… View Post

This month has been a little more productive blog wise and has been filled with more adventures than January was.  I really think hard work is paying off.  It’s certainly brought some new things in to my life like the first item on my list of things I am loving this month. MacBook One of my blogging goad this year was to save up any money I made blogging and purchase a MacBook. This month I chased up a few invoices I was due and I purchased this little beauty. I am so happy with this purchase and wonder now… View Post

Last month I wrote about my monthly goals and also a quick update on how I had got on with them last week. In March I would like to: 1  New Business Continue to work on my new website. 2  Afternoon Tea I have already organised my afternoon tea for March for next week plus I plan on researching some places for April’s afternoon tea. 3  House DIY This links in to my new business above.  I have closed down my toy shop and right now my whole shop is dumped in various rooms in my house.  It is EVERYWHERE!… View Post

Since I left the employee rat race and became self employed in 2013 I have been ‘lucky’ not to have to wear suits and smart office attire for work  I love that I am free to dress casual which I find helps me be more productive as I don’t feel restricted by having to wear a suit like I did in my previous job.  Although I can dress casual I’m not really one of these people who sits at home and works in my PJs.  For me personally that is taking things a little to far the other way.  I… View Post

Just a quick little post as I am super busy behind the scenes with work and life and unless you can see all this behind the scenes chaos it looks like not much is happening.  But believe me it is.  This month I set myself 5 goals to achieve in February.  They were: Improve Photography Write 5 Back Up Blog Posts Afternoon Tea Setting New Business Up Craft Goals I continued to tinker around with photographs.  The majority were flatlays.  Sadly I didn’t get around to writing any back up posts but I have managed to post 3 times a… View Post