I’m always looking for an easy to prepare meal which is tasty and filling. One of my families favourite beef meals in slow cooker beef stroganoff. This is a great recipe as I can start it before I go to work and its already when I return from home. Slow cooking the beef mans it is always tender and melts in the mouth. It also means you can buy cheaper cuts of meats from your butcher as the beef is cooked slowly meaning it isn’t tough. This beef stroganoff is a very filling meal and the paprika gives a lovely… View Post

There is nothing more tasty on a midweek lunch than a bowl of piping hot chili sweet potato and butternut squash soup. Even more delicious is when it is homemade with a little warm kick of chili and is served with warm homemade bread. We love homemade soup and eat it quite often. It’s the sort of meal where you just grab any vegetables you have to hand and can be very economical to make too. This recipe is so easy and you will soon have a nutritious family meal. I also find homemade soups are a great way of… View Post

Today I am bringing you another guest post about tea.  This time Erica talks about a favourite tea of hers: Moroccan Mint Tea and how easily mint can be grown at home. For a while now Moroccan mint tea has been my favourite tea. I usually treat myself to it in a café I go to regularly, but it’s actually pretty easy to make at home. Growing your own mint is easy because the plant can be a bit of a thug. It’s best to find a contained bed or a pot to grow it in, so it doesn’t get… View Post

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m  looking at a humongous pile of sock yarn and if I’m being honest I’m quite frankly faffing. There are plenty of things I could be doing. I could be catching up on work. Since coming out of hospital I have really been struggling with my energy levels and also my concentration. I’m just so tired. My GP told me that it will take a long time to get back to how I was before I went in to hospital. I didn’t have one thing wrong with me, I had six different and quite serious medical problems… View Post

Whilst in Scotland on my little Scottish Adventure I continued my afternoon tea adventures at the gorgeous Balmoral Hotel on Princes Steet. The tea was served in the Palm Court which is a truly stunning room with giant palm trees and beautifully painted walls. The furniture was all big comfy sofas and chairs in the centre and around the outside the room was decorated in a more traditional dining setting. Really was a beautifully classic setting for afternoon tea. Upon arrival I was settled at my table and asked what type of tea I would like. I asked for English Breakfast… View Post