Pretty Dresses And Sunny Days

I have two styles of clothes I wear; jeans and a top or pretty dresses.  I like the casualness of jeans and a top and how practical an outfit can be but at times I like to put a pretty dress on.  I love vintage 1950s style dresses especially the style of dresses that UK company Lindy Bop specialise in.  I also love that they make the dresses in larger sizes (8 to 26) and are a great true to size fit.  I know that I can go to my local shopping centre and visit a number of stores and need different sizes in different stores.  I sometimes need different sizes in the same shop!  How can sizes vary so much from garment to garment?

I know that with Lindy Bop dresses I will get the perfect fit every time.  I firmly believe this is what we should be getting from all stores and is so helpful when you purchase online.  I know when I buy something online and I can’t get a consistent fit I am unlikely to buy from that company again.  but with Lindy Bop I have never had this issue.

I just love the pattern on this Audrey Pink Rose Swing Dress.  I love how it fits perfect and most of the dresses at Lindy Bop in this style come with coordinating belts.

Lindy Bop

I’m 5ft 9 and I find the dress is a perfect length on me.  It sits just below my knee.  I love how these Audrey dresses can be dressed down with flats or worn with heels too.  They also wash fabulously with no shrinkage of the cotton fabric at all.  They don’t need much ironing either with is always a plus in my book!

lindy Bop

Now I’ve purchased a summer dress lets hope there are plenty of sunny days to let me wear it!

Do you have a favourite style dress or are you just not a dress person and prefer jeans and trousers?

Things I’m Loving (May 2016)

Its hard to believe that we have now come to the end of May and I am writing about my favourite things.  Five months of the year have gone by and the dreams and hopes I had for the year are not coming to fruition.  I am hoping that the remainder of the year can at least see some of them come true.  I know I can hope.


What can I say, I love tea, especially PG tips, it really is my favourite.  I can literally drink buckets of it each and every day!

Favourite Tea

Being A Food Blogger

I love cooking nearly as much as I love eating meals I have cooked!  I really enjoy writing my food blog, I just wish I had more time to write all out favourite recipes. I must say if I had to choose I would go for sweet over savoury every time.  However, when it comes to savoury I love good old fashioned stews, casseroles and pies.  One of my favourite meals is beef stroganoff.  I just love the warming sauce covering a good quality steak and cute little button mushrooms.  Obviously served with wild rice.

Beef Stroganoff


May has been the month of the bluebell.  In wooded areas all around the country these pretty delicate flowers have bloomed turning grassy areas all blue.  This just makes me smile so much.


Pretty Dresses

I just love this style of vintage 1950’s dress.  I own lots of ones in this style but they are mostly what I would call winter colours.  This month I treated myself to this pretty pink flower dress from Lindy Bop.  It makes me feel like summer is on its way when I am wearing it.

Lindy Bop

Birthday Boys

This month we have had 2 birthday boys in our family.  First up is my Nephew who turned 4.  Aunty Candace brought him his first Lego set and he just loved playing with the helicopter.


Then there was the other birthday boy who turned 14.  Guess what?  He had Lego too!  Guess you could say we are a family of Lego builders.

Birthday Boy

What are you loving this month?

Are Your Make Up  Choices Stuck In A Rut? 

Strange question I know but do you always pick the same brands or like me mix up brands but pick the same colours every time?


Let’s talk about lipsticks. I’m very picky about my lipstick colour. I don’t like a bright lipstick which usually puts most reds and pinks out of my comfort zone. But then I don’t suit peach tones either. This leaves me with muted pinks and nudes. My preference being a nude lipstick.

Now there are plenty of nude lipsticks out there on the market, all slightly different in shade, ranging from dark nudes to lighter natural nudes. But what do I pick? Literally the same shade but from different brands every single time.

I decide I want a new lipstick and think I purchased X brand last time lets buy a lipstick from Y brand this time. I spend forever looking at shades and settle on my favourite. I get home and it’s the exact shade as the one I last brought and decided I needed a change from.

Take these three lipsticks; Bare Minerals, Next and Clinique.



Can you spot the difference?  They are literally the same colour!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?

#GreenTeaMonkey Does London

It’s fair to say I like tea. I drink it by the bucket load. Even this blog is named after my tea obsession. You only have to look at my Instagram feed to see my constant posts of mugs of tea. Tea is simply my favourite drink. Nine times out of ten those many mugs of tea contain PGtips. It’s by far my favourite brand. A lovely mug of strong sweet builders tea always sets me up for the day. I’m also a big fan of green tea as having IBD it does help ease some issues I have.


When PGtips asked me if I would like to take a trip to London and go on a river cruise to try some of their new fruit flavoured green tea I just had to jump at the chance!  I had a fantastic day in London and was accompanied by monkey on my adventures. We spent the day doing the tourist sights of London.

First stop was the river cruise where I met Monkey.


Then cruising down the Thames we went tucking in to some yummy food and drinking plenty of PG tips’ fruit flavoured green teas while sat in the beautiful summer sun.

Green Tea




Green Tea

Taking in all the sights along the river.

PG tips Monkey


Close to Westminster we met a special friend of Monkey’s!

PG tips

After the cruise Monkey and I went sightseeing:









Monkey would like you to know the new PG tips green tea comes in the following delicious flavours:

  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Raspberry
  • Jasmine
  • Mint
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Pie
  • Orange
  • Smooth Green Tea

During the cruise I had the opportunity to try some of the flavours and they are all delicious.  The lemon flavour was chilled and served as a mocktail with ice, lemon and mint.  It was lovely to sip in the beautiful sunshine. By far my favourite flavour was the strawberry shortcake!  So delicious and refreshing and a firm favourite with a lot of others on the cruise too.

After a fun day out in London, monkey arrived back at the train station tired and made his way back to his new home in The Midlands where he is already very loved.



In exchange for writing this post I received some Tea to take home and a lovely boat trip down the River Thames.  I was also lucky enough to adopt Monkey!

Things I Love (April 2016)

April was a month of ups and downs.  A month full of good times and a month filled with things I didn’t particularly like.  My health hasn’t been good.  There have been a number of days and nights were chronic pain has won.  I don’t like the times it wins.  Those aren’t good times.  Despite these down times here are a few things that have I have been loving and made me happy.

Daughters Bedroom

My ‘little girl’ turns 13 in a few weeks time.  Its the right time to loose the bright pink and lilac colour scheme and have a bedroom that a little more grown up.  We’ve gone with a coral/salmon and grey theme with flamingos featuring on the bed wall.  This wallpaper looks stunning on the wall.  The other 3 walls are being painted a lovely coral colour with grey and coral room accessories.  It’s going to take a few months to complete but will are hoping to have it finished for her birthday.

Teen Bedroom


I love stationary.  Notebooks, pends, pencils.  Just adore them all.  I’m loving this notebook I picked up in Home Bargains and this pens, which look like pencils are a perfect colour match.  Not surprisingly there is a little young lady round here you is trying to claim them as hers!

Notebooks good times


This is Marvin our gorgeous boy cat.  Cuddles from this affectionate boy always mean good times.


Sunny Days

During April we had a few days with some lovely weather.  I manged to take a very short wall around a local home.  This is Himley Hall and the former home of the Earl of Dudley.  It is now owned by the local Council and the grounds are open daily to visit.  Such a fantastic place on a sunny day.

good times


I love fresh flowers especially when they are seasonal flowers not artificially grown or flown all around the world.  My favourite really are tulips and I’m loving having a new bunch every week.  I know I’ve not got long and then the good times will end for another year where my love of tulips is concerned.


What things are bring good times in to your life right now?